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Sofat Associates is the Law firm that standout for truth and justice. The Team of well reputed top lawyers are practicing law since 1983 and are expert in their specific areas with bulk of successful working experience and satisfied clients in Chandigarh, Supreme Court of India, Punjab and Haryana High Court, District Courts of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula and other Tribunals in Tricity and in New Delhi. The success stories of Sofat Associates Speaks, as we provide the best services to the clients by handling all types of cases with full dedication and precision. We put our best to bring the most trusted outcome for our clients.

The Lawyers at Sofat Associates has diverse legal practice in different areas of corporate and commercial sectors. We always guide our Client in the easiest way to get solution to their issues and help you fight for their legal right.

Our Lawyers are the specialized in their respective field. Our major Areas of Practice are Criminal Law, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Public Interest Litigation, Matrimonial/Family Law, Property Rights and NRI Law.


1. Getting final relief in PIL

Many a times in India, a person is involved in a false case by police authorities because of rampant corruption in India.

2.Relief In Banking Law

In a murder case, criminal lawyers in Chandigarh suggest that suspension of sentence should not be filed before around half the sentence is over.

3. Relief in worst case of cheating

Our client was accused of cheating persons and involved employees of Punjab and Haryana High Court. He was accused by complainant that he had taken money.

Practice Areas

Our Major Services (LITIGATION AREAS)

We at Sofat Associates handles the cases related to Criminal records with high precision and got the successful results. Our Lawyers are among the Best Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh and are bestowed with huge experience in handling the cases related to criminal records.We give ample time to study the case of every client and choose best strategy and get the successful results for the client.

The criminal cases are more complicated, as there might be somebody’s life at stake on the decision of these cases. So handling these types of cases requires the experienced Lawyers who can advise in order to avoid some unfavourable consequences.

Many disputes occur within the corporate industry where dispute arises between the partners in the company or some other companies. There are specific corporate law which are must to be followed by companies. Our Corporate Lawyers are aware of all the changes in the corporate laws and could guide in the best way for dealing with these kinds of issues. While handling these kinds of cases the Lawyer require deep knowledge of your business and the circumstances when the dispute arises. Analysing all the aspects, Sofat Associates provides you cost-effective, on-time results.Our Law firm in Chandigarh is quick in taking innovative decision to provide you with the best outcome.

With the advent of social media, the public Interest litigation matters are very sensitive.The Public Interest Litigation lawyers at Sofat Associates are experienced to handle any kind of litigation case. AS one of the best lawyers in Chandigarh, our aim is to deliver the best results without wasting the precious time and money of our clients.

The public interest litigation lawyers at Sofat Associates makes sure that the voice of public does not goes in vain and justice is obtained within certain time limits. Our Lawyers for PIL have deep knowledge about the concept of public interest applicable in India. Our lawyers with their argumentative skill could easily impress the judiciary.

We know that the Public Interest Litigation become sensitive with the involvement of some big power. We ensure that we will bring the best results and fight for justice without bothering about these powers.

The cases related to family disputes are to be dealt very efficiently as these cases impose impact on two families. The matrimonial disputes can go beyond the normal violence between husband and wife to the property issues, custody of children, etc. The Lawyers at Sofat Associates are the experienced in handling these kind of cases and provide the best results for the clients.

We understand that the Matrimonial cases are very stressful for families and we put our best efforts to resolve the disputes within least time span, so that your life could come on track as quickly as possible. For Matrimonial disputes, we try our best to deal with our client as friend as we understand the feeling of client in troubled time. There are number of legal provision in the cases related to these disputes. For instance, our team also gets FIR’s quashed by filing petition under section 482 of Cr.P.C in relation to matrimonial disputes which are registered under Section 498-A of IPC. There are many other legal provisions available to resolve the matrimonial disputes, which only experienced lawyers could handle in best way.

The disputes related to property are most complex. Sofat Associates provide comprehensive service in the matters related to property and real estate. Our lawyers have huge experience of successfully handling the cases related to Property and our best property and real estate lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana provides best guidance in these types of cases to generate successful results. While dealing with the cases related to property, we analyse all the aspects related to property like Mutation of documents, land use regulation, Plagiarism, etc. Beside above we provide our client with the other service like House Tax disputes, Mortgage, Tenant Disputes, legal documentation, property transactions, etc.

Sofat Associates provides reliable services for Non Resident Indians (NRI).We have Specialized lawyers to look into matters related to NRI, to help them sort out their legal issue without wasting their precious time and money for travelling to India. We are aware of all the updates for the NRI legal arena and practice our case by looking in whole matter thoroughly. We have handled many cases associated with NRIs and got the successful results.With the new changes in law many cases are resolved within 6-8 months.

The NRI’s usually has to face the disputes like false criminal cases, the property disputes, matrimonial disputes, family issues, etc. Our Lawyers in the International Law are well aware of all the essential formalities which can withstand strong opinion for cases before the court of law.Our Expert NRI lawyers have regular practice in Supreme Court of India and Punjab and Haryana High Court for dealing with many complicated cases.

We understand that the legal complication for NRI may affect their citizenship for the other country, nation or even their right to visit other country. We ensure you in getting justice through proper legal channel.

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I've been happy with the services provided Banking and Financial. Sofat Associates has been wonderful! He has returned my calls quickly, and he answered all my questions. Sofat Association has addressed any concerns or questions I may have had.

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