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Criminal Cases

We at Sofat Associates handle the cases related to Criminal records with high precision and got the successful results. Our Lawyers are among the Best Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh and are bestowed with huge experience in handling the criminal cases. We give ample time to study the cases of clients and choose best strategy to get the successful results for the client.

In Criminal cases, the applicant needs proper consultation to get to know his rights and options. The Criminal Lawyers at Sofat Associates provides complete guidance to the accused person so that he could choose right path to strengthen his case. Our Advocated have dealt with many criminal cases and with their experience and persistent effort got success. Our Top Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh spends extra time to interview witnesses and locate all relevant defence evidence. Our primary goal is to help you achieve the best possible legal outcome.

Our experienced Lawyers contests various cases at:

  • Supreme court of India
  • Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh
  • District courts of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh
  • Punjab Human Right Commission, Chandigarh

We also deals in criminal cases related to NRI’s and foreigners visiting Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. Our Lawyers have an intimate knowledge of court rules. We handle cases with personal attention, commitment and analyse all the important aspects of the case to bring out useful outcome. The dedication and passion of our lawyers bring success for clients in criminal cases.

CRIMINAL COURT CASES IN INDIA (Supreme court, Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh AND District Courts)

Various types of Criminal cases are as under :

  • Criminal Appeals
  • Cheating
  • Juvenile Justice Act
  • Narcotics and Drugs violations under NDPS Act
  • Criminal Breach of Trust
  • Criminal Revisions
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Trial and Evidence under provisions of Cr PC
  • Suspension of Sentence under section 389
  • Anticipatory Bail and Regular Bails are filed under sections 438 and 439 respectively
  • Quashing of  FIR and Quashing of Criminal Complaints under section 482
  • Domestic Violence matters including cases under section 498 A
  • Criminal writs under constitution of India
  • Drafting and filing criminal complaints and FIRs
  • Cases under Prevention of Corruption Act Bank/ Financial Institutions Fraud and Forgery
  • Criminal proceedings initiated for violation of Intellectual Cyber Laws and Piracy
  • Dishonour of Cheques

Cases relating to exploitation of women

  • Acid attacks on female
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Women’s property and inheritance rights
  • Child marriage
  • Equal employment opportunities for women and labour rights.
  • Honour based crimes against women/ ‘honour killings’
  • Matrimonial disputes, custody, divorce
  • Rape
  • Sexual health rights of women/ adolescent girls
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace and in educational institutions
  • Sexual exploitation and prostitution, domestic work, marriage, etc.
  • Any other gender based discrimination/exploitation


Our Senior Lawyers at Sofat Associates contest cases where judgements have been made under these sections.

  • Section 302 Murder
  • Section 304-A death as a result of rash driving.
  • Section 304-B death for Dowry
  • Section 306 Forcing a person to commit suicide.
  • Section 307 Attempting to murder.
  • Section 308 If there is an attempt to commit culpable homicide.
  • Section 309 If a person attempts to commit suicide.
  • Section 323-A person causes hurt voluntarily.
  • Section 324-A person causes hurt voluntarily by dangerous weapons or means.
  • Section 325-A person causes grievous hurt voluntarily.
  • Section 326-A person causes grievous hurt voluntarily by dangerous weapons or dangerous means.
  • Section 363 Kidnapping and extortion.
  • Section 376 Rape.
  • Section 376-A intercourse with his wife during separation.
  • Section 376-B If a public servant has intercourse with a woman under his custody.
  • Section 376-C A circumstance where a official of jail or a remand home etc. has intercourse
  • Section 376-D If a manager of a hospital has intercourse with any woman in the hospital.
  • Section 377 Unnatural offenses – intercourse by persons of same sex.



Offenses contested by our criminal lawyers at Chandigarh High Court:


  • Section 384 Extortion.
  • Section 392 Robbery.
  • Section 395 Dacoity.
  • Section 403 Moveable property converted with dishonest intention.
  • Section 406 Criminal breach of trust.
  • Section 417 Cheating.
  • Section 420 When a person cheats and destroy a valuable security.
  • Section 426 Mischief.
  • Section 447 Criminal trespass.
  • Section 465 Forgery

Matrimonial OFFENSES

The litigations under matrimonial disputes are:

  • Section 494 other marriage even when wife or husband is alive.
  • Section 495 Concealing the fact of former marriage from the person with whom the offender marries again.
  • Section 496 Performing marriage ceremony with fraudulent intention.
  • Section 497 Adultery.
  • Section 498 Offense in which a married woman is taken away by a man.
  • Section 498-A When a married woman is subjected to cruelty by husband or his relatives.

We have satisfied clients, as our top Lawyers works with dedication and provide the best possible legal outcome.