NRI Disputes

Sofat Associates provides reliable services for Non Resident Indians (NRI).We have Specialized NRI disputes lawyers to look into matters related to NRI litigants, to help them sort out their legal issues without wasting their precious time and money for travelling to India. We are aware of all the updates for the NRI legal arena and practice our case by looking in whole matter thoroughly. With the new changes in law many cases are resolved within 6-8 months. We have handled many cases associated with NRIs and achieved the successful results.

At Sofat Associates we have the best NRI Lawyers in Chandigarh with extensive experience of handling the cases of NRI clients. NRI’s are often unaware of their legal rights which can protect their property, provide taxation relief and resolve many other disputes in effective manner, only the top lawyers can provide proper guidance to NRI’s in the legal matters.

The general disputes which NRI’s have to face are

  • Land &Property Disputes
  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Financial Disputes

Land and Property disputes: NRI’s face many disputes related to properties as the land or property got occupied by relative or some other forces in the absence of actual owner. Our Punjab lawyers for NRI disputes are capable in handling such cases by filing a criminal complaint in the concerned court of law. Many property disputes also arise because of non-availability of Will. Our law firm will guide to generate the Power of Attorney which you can provide to your most trustworthy relative or friend.

Matrimonial Disputes: For NRI’s Matrimonial Disputes are very complicated as it affect their residential criteria for other country. Our Lawyers put best efforts to resolve the disputes within least time span, so that your life could come on track as quickly as possible. The NRI Lawyers at Sofat Associates contest many case related to matrimonial crises. Through best practice and huge working experience our clients got successful results.

Financial Disputes: The NRI’s do investment in India, and sometime they have to deal with some financial issues in concern with some individual or group. NRI’s also faces some legal problems with their bank account. Our professional lawyers are competent in dealing with all the financial issues and provide the most trust worthy results.

We understand that attending the court hearing is expensive as well as time consuming for NRI’s. Our Lawyers have handled many NRI cases in which we have successfully fought cases in their absence and protected their rights.



Through our effective and convenient services, our NRI clients rely on us as we are the best NRI disputes lawyers in Chandigarh.